Green and LEEDS

PVC or vinyl coated shelving is dangerous to the environment, your home buyer's health and to your projects. It's easy to remove those dangers. Epoxy powder coated shelving provides a friendly alternative that is more durable and more environmentally responsible.

  • Epoxy powder coating releases no harmful VOCs during the manufacturing process or after the product is installed.
  • Epoxy powder coating creates minimal waste - it's 99.9% recycled!
  • It contributes more point to LEED certification.

SCHULTE offers three product lines to fit any price point and all home buyer needs - freedomRail, Classica and Lifetime Ventilated. All three product lines have qualities that help builders gain LEED certification points.

For freedomRail and Classica wood shelving, SCHULTE uses melamine made from 100% recycled material from sustainable forests. The melamine also meets Environmental Preferable Product specification from the Composite Panel Association.

For the Lifetime Ventilated product line, SCHULTE uses 100% recycled steel, which actually makes the product stronger. An epoxy powder coating is applied to all wire products instead of paint or vinyl. This epoxy coating contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts of VOCs into the atmosphere.

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